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This space has been energetically, aesthetically, and practically curated for anything from ceremonies and 1:1 sessions, to workshops and classes, to photoshoots and filming, and more.

If your reason for booking has under five people, you may be eligible for a discount. We also have a monthly-use discount. Whatever the case, please feel free to message us about your needs. 

To Note Before Booking:

You will be emailed all info and requirements when using the space upon booking to sign and return.


• Food and (non-alcoholic) beverages away from all textiles is permitted.

• Sound/music may be loud, but not louder than may be heard over a projected speaking voice. Yelling, etc. is not permitted. Petit Portál's musical instruments may be used, but any damage will be your responsibility.

• A member of Petit Portál will be there at all times.

So happy for you bring your magick to our SLC community through Petit Portál!

𓐍 INFO 𓐍

Additional info emailed when you book.


 Space is $100/hr


 Petit Portál can seat up to 30 in a circle, 18 yoga mats.


 Water and tea faculties, pillows and cushions for sitting or laying - are provided.

Click BOOK NOW above to view booking calendar availability.

If you have a time segment in mind you're not currently seeing as available, message us and we'll help you find a potential solution.

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