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ABOUT Petit Portál

Full hearted, community-based.

Petit Portál was originally a dream called "Spirit Center" back in 2016. I didn't know how it would manifest in the physical, but I knew it would- and I knew that it was important. It turned out I needed a few more years of my knowledge base built up helping others build and manage their dreams, and starting a few of my own, before I was capable of holding and building this vision. But it did indeed manifest; and it has felt important.

Petit Portál is meant simply to be a community space. A small portal to a vast world of connection, expansion, growth, heart, and fun; with a grounded feeling of safety and home. The events curated for the space are meant to do exactly that- and to help others to realize their capacity and ability to share their gifts and hearts -and arts- with the community. It's a space curated for anyone to bring their visions to life!

It is truly my highest excitement to witness individuals and the community grow in creativity, exploration, connection and heart. I think we're doing that here.

- Li

Owner, Petit Portál

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